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Educator. Theatre Artist. Creative Strategist. Nourishing creativity and critical thinking through action based leadership.

Life Lessons | Life

Just because you’re surrounded by negativity, doesn’t mean that you have to fall into the thought patterns. Keep your hope a float with these reminders.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

“ I would describe the situation as grim.”

That’s me on my weekly FaceTime conversation with my family. Since the pandemic started, we have gathered every Thursday night to connect. My mother always mentions when I speak of “grim” that I allude to the language of my grandparents.

The reality…

Travel | Personal Reflections

Learning About Life, One Dish At A Time

Cooking class?
Sure, why not?

A Cooking Adventure in Battambang | Photo By Author

In my family, I inherited the take-out gene. On the best of days, cooking is a challenge for me. When my travel companion and I were looking for activities in Battambang, we were intrigued by the prospect of spending our morning learning the basics of…

Pandemic Reflections | Life Lessons

Reflections on a year of pandemic living, virtual celebrations, and looking forward to our new futures

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Today’s Facebook memories brings bittersweet feelings and striking realities of the last year.


4 Tips to Securing Your Epic Photo (And Experience)

Birthday Sunrise at Angkor Wat | C. Clarke

Angkor Wat at sunrise is a truly magical experience.

During my visit to the Khmer Empire’s temple complex located moments north of Siem Reap, Cambodia, I was in constant awe of the world’s largest religious site’s beauty, complexity, and history.

Here are a couple of things to consider before setting…

Travel | Reflections

A Gift From Mother Nature To My Memories

Travel Memories.

August 4, 2017. From the balcony of the Okay Boutique Hotel in Phnom Penh, Nescafe instant coffee the left hand, iPad in the right.

Phnom Penh, View of the Waterfront, August 4, 2017


There is a special peacefulness this morning.

A peacefulness that you can’t really capture on film.

This is the last moment of quiet…

Beauty | Style

Best long-lasting tips to wearing lipstick under a mask. Smudge proof and keep fierce with tips for keeping your lipstick long-lasting under your mask.

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

I adore lipstick and everything about lipstick. It is an obsession that grew from my first strawberry Lipsmacker to an ever-evolving, extensive red lipstick collection.

I tried to get on trend with the increase of eye products due to the need to wear masks in all public interactions. Although I…

Education | Leadership

Get ready to brainstorm…

Photo by Christian Stahl on Unsplash

Picking a topic for your practicum?

It’s like picking a topic for an essay or project.

What is really going to engage you while providing the appropriate, right-amount-of-challenge, all at the same time?

Whenever I launch into a new inquiry project with students or my team…

Writing | Productivity | Education

A three-step, collaborative process to elevate your message and strengthen your work. Hint: you need to schedule some time.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

It’s literary essay time in my online English class. It is one of the most exciting times in the course as the students showcase their insights from their book club novel…

Education | Theatre | Creation

Rehearsal planning in both the studio and distance learning/distance creation environment

An example of a choice board from 2020 spring distance rehearsal season.

It is necessary to have a flexible plan for rehearsal.

In this plan, there needs to be a balance between structure (to keep the activities focused) while being flexible (to allow time for creativity to grow).

During the past…

Education | Distance Learning

Let’s help students go from “being behind” to managing what they need to do for not only the curriculum, but for everyone’s wellness

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

In Ontario there are only four more weeks left in the 2019–2020 school year. For my theatre courses, I have approached the last two months of distance…

Cathy Clarke

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